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Angel Wings


Some things are heaven sent! You absolutely must own a pair of angel wings. The wings clamp to the front or rear beams and hold your lease sticks while warping and/or weaving. The wings are made to accommodate round or flat lease sticks.

Available in Maple, Cherry, and speciality woods such as Birds Eye Maple, Quilted Maple, Black Walnut and Oak. Speciality woods are subject to availability, please enquire before placing order.

Personalized Engraving Available.

WHAT SIZE DO I NEED? This is the number one question asked about our Wings. A general rule of thumb, get as many holes as your loom can handle even if you don't think you will use them. But, here's what the different sizes do....

2 Hole Mini Wings - These mini wings are designed for use on table top looms,

2 Hole Large Wings- These hold your lease sticks and work on looms with minimum space between back of castle and back beam. They only require 4 1/2" of clearance.

3 Hole Wings - The spacing allows for the ability to spread your cross, such as with a sticky warp. The back of castle to back beam clearance is 6".

4 Hole Wings - Lease sticks, supplemental warps, and tensioning device during "crank & yank". The most versatile of our Wings if you have the clearance (8") from the back of castle to the back beam then these are what you want.

General Angel Wing Notes:

We can custom fit your loom. Clamp blocks are made to fit special needs, such as Cranbrooks and AVL. Please indicate the loom(s) you are purchasing your AWs for to ensure that you receive the appropriate hardware.

Slanted back beams are accomodated by mounting on the side (see picture) or order our recently released Slant Beam Adaptors

Shipping charges for U.S. is $9 for 2 & 3 Hole Wings, $11 for 4 Hole Wings. International shipping is higher. You will be invoiced for the difference between the calculated shipping and the actual shipping to your location.
Maple Cherry

Premium Woods
Birds Eye Maple, Quilted Maple, Black Walnut, Oak
Limited Availability - Inquire before ordering

Two Hole Mini Angel Wings $40
Two Hole Mini Angel Wings (fit Purrington Looms ONLY) $40
Two Hole Large Angel Wings $50
Three Hole Angel Wings $58
Four Hole Angel Wings $65

Angel Wings (AWs) are designed to mount on flat top beams, they can be mounted on round beams and they can be mounted to the side of vertical part of some looms. Slanted breast and back beams have presented challenges to mounting. We now offer Slant Beam Adapters (SBAs) to allow standard Angel Wings to be easily mounted on looms with slanted beams.
SBAs are sold in sets of 2 pieces. *Order with a set of AWs and there is no additional shipping charge, ordered separately there is an $8 shipping charge.
Purchased WITH Angel Wings Purchased WITHOUT Angel Wings*
SB30-1 - For some Louet looms with 1" beams at a 30 deg angle $25
SB40-1 - For Schacht Wolf Pup and Baby Wolf looms with 1" beams at a 40 deg angle $25
SB40-125 - For Schacht Mighty Wolf Looms with a 1 1/4" beam at a 40 deg angle $25
SB45-125 - For LeClerc Compact looms with a 1 1/4" beam at a 45 deg angle $25
SB68-1 - For some Louet looms with a 1" beam slanted 68 deg from horizontal $25

Appropriate shipping charges will be added on each accessory or replacement part shipped.

Added shipping charges are only for domestic shipments to addresses within the continental United States.

Please contact us for shipping charges to all other locations.

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Books & Videos Instructions & User Guides Angel Wings 4-H Aprons  

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